Hey, Craig Dawber here and welcome to today’s blog post on why quitting too soon is costing you a fortune, your future and your happiness.

Just imagine if, brick by brick, you’re building a house that you hope to live in for years to come. Or at least sell at a good profit.

But halfway through building your house, you find a better piece of land. So you stop building on your old piece of land and start building on the new one.

But then you find a better construction technique, so rather than finish the second house, you start building a third house.

Except you heard there is a far faster way to construct house, so you abandon your third attempt and start building a fourth house.

But then you get bored, so you chuck that house and take a vacation. When you come back, you start building a fifth house using a brand new building method you discovered online.

And so it goes.

In the course of a year you’ve begun building a half dozen different houses but never finishing any of them.

Last year you started building just as many homes and never finished those, either.

And you’re still sleeping outside in the rain, the cold, the wind and the heat.

Why? Because you are continually being distracted by the latest, greatest shiny object to catch your attention.

Sure, it sounds crazy. But isn’t this exactly how some of us treat our online businesses?

Show us the latest fad, the newest idea, or the method some guy used to bank a gazillion dollars in 27 minutes and we’re racing off in a new direction.

“This is it! This is the ONE!”

It’s almost like we’re chronic gamblers, betting on horse after horse and not even sticking around to see if our filly won.

Shiny object syndrome affects everyone, not just online marketers

Television creates numerous shows and then drops most of them before they have a chance to gain an audience.

Big business spends a fortune on the latest business advice, then never follows it.

Software and tech companies shelve most of their good ideas before they ever get off the ground.

People start hobbies that last a week or a month. And then the equipment they bought for that hobby sits in the garage, forever collecting dust.

Every one of us can be susceptible to shiny object syndrome.

So doctor, what’s the cure?”

Perhaps the first question should be, “Do we even want the cure?”

Like most addictions, we can’t begin to deal with Shiny Object Syndrome until we admit we have a problem.

So let’s find out if we have it, and if so, how badly it’s interring with our business success.

A few quick questions:

Do you get great business ideas but then abandon them before you even start?

Do you start businesses but drop them before they turn a profit?

Do you have 20 domain names (and 20 great website ideas) and no website?

Do you buy business books/courses/programs/classes that you never consume?

Answering yes to any of these questions tells me you might be indefinitely postponing your goals, your happiness and your life in exchange for shiny objects.

It’s not entirely your fault. Not even close.

Yes, it’s up to you what you pay attention to.

But the problem is, everyone online (and offline) is trying desperately to distract you. And they’re very, very good at it.

When one of your favorite guru’s tells you that he’s just discovered the holy grail of internet marketing and you should drop everything else, it’s hard NOT to listen.

After all, they’re the guru.

You get emails pushing you in a hundred different directions.

You get messages through social media showing you a thousand shiny new objects.

Everywhere you turn someone has something FANTASTIC and LIMITED TIME and you better act NOW or you will MISS Out!

(Can you feel your pulse quicken just reading that last sentence? That’s shiny object syndrome at work.)

And it’s true that these marketers are enabling your problem…

Or possibly even creating your problem.

So what’s the solution?

Big problems call for big solutions.

First, realize what this problem is costing you.

If you had never been distracted, and if you followed through on your very first original intent to build a business back when you first thought about it… how much money might you be earning now?

What could your life have been like if you never got distracted and always focused and followed through?

Is it possible you’ve already left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table in exchange for shiny objects?

And could it be that you’ve actually postponed your dreams, your happiness and your life for the endless parade of latest, greatest things to cross your path?


Yes, I’m asking you to consider just how much you’ve lost along the way because you couldn’t maintain your focus…

Because you got distracted…

Because you allowed others to pull you in every direction until you couldn’t move forward.

The more pain you conjure up, the easier it will be to administer the cure and make it STICK.

Big problems call for big solutions

You might think what we’re about to propose is extreme.

That’s because it is.

There are exactly 6 steps to obliterating shiny object syndrome.

And if we lose you, it’ll be on step 4.

But bear with us – we’re trying to free you from the grip these shiny objects currently hold on you.

Step 1: Acknowledge there is no magic secret to making money online.

I don’t care how amazing that new program looks right now – it’s not the holy-grail.

It’s not going revolutionize anything.

It’s only going to distract you yet again.

Step 2: You don’t believe Step 2? Fine, I’ll prove it.

The BIG MAGIC SECRET to making money online is to build a list and promote products to that list.

For more information, Google “Sales Funnel” and you’ll find everything you need to know.

Step 3: Decide. Once and for all, DECIDE what you’re going to do.

This could be the #1 secret to getting stuff done, because the #1 reason people don’t get stuff done is because they don’t decide to get it done.

So make a choice.

Step 4: Now that you’ve decided – Here’s where we get controversial – be OBSESSED.

And I really do mean obsessed.

People are going to tell you that you’re working too much…

That money and success and changing the world don’t matter…

That obsession with reaching your goal is somehow bad…

That you need to work less…

That you’ll never make it anyway so why are you trying?

And a 100 other stupid things meant to keep you where you are.

These aren’t bad people. And they don’t mean to hurt you.

But if you listen to them you are DOOMED.

So put in your ear plugs, smile and nod, and DON’T STOP.

I think you’ll find you’ve never been happier than when you are firmly fixed on a goal and obsessed with reaching it.

Step 5: Keep going. Commit. Know that it’s not supposed to be easy.

Anything worthwhile is going to be hard, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

Problems will come up.

Handle them.

You will never be given anything you cannot handle, and every challenge will make you stronger, smarter and better equipped for whatever comes next.

Do. Not. Stop.

Step 6: Finish. Whatever your goal is, you keep going until you’ve reached that goal.

Your only excuse for quitting early is death, and even then we want to see a note from your doctor.

Finish what you start.

When you do, you won’t believe what happens next.

Because now you KNOW you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Because now…

You. Are. Free.

To do anything you want.

To take on the world.

To own the world if you choose.

But you must finish.

Before we close, let us tell you about a guy.

His name is Grant Cardone, and he went from being broke, jobless and drug-addicted to building 5 companies, becoming a multi-millionaire and writing best-selling books.

How did he do it?

He allowed himself to become obsessed.

He stopped worrying about what others thought.

He built his life around his passion, which was his businesses.

He no longer worked – his business became his play.

He jumped out of bed every day because he wanted to.

He shook off distractions, doubts and decades of bad advice and became obsessed with realizing his goals and dreams.

We can learn from Grant.

Focus on your goal and ignore everything else – including any new program or marketing technique that doesn’t fit with what you’re doing.

And success can finally be yours.

NOTE: If you’re interested in Grant Cardone’s new book then for your convenience you can click here

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