Hey! Craig Dawber here and welcome to this blog post. In today’s post, I’m going to attempt to shed some light on a very interesting topic, How to Optimize your Blog for Lead Generation.

Perhaps you are of the view that a blog is only meant to state your opinion or write about anything that is on your mind. Well, that is precisely what it was originally built for, but that is not just what you can use it for.

You can take your blog to entirely different level by learning how to optimize your blog for lead generation.

A blog can be a great tool to drive leads to your website, and creating one for your business is very vital to launching an effective marketing strategy. It is essential you optimize your blog correctly. That way, you can easily rank in search engines and also generate as many leads as possible.

Steps To Optimizing Your Blog For Lead Generation


Optimize Your Post – Your blog post is among the most significant lead generation chances you have. To guarantee optimum results, make your post’s title is short, snappy and contains your targeted keyword(s).

Also, check your blog description to ensure it contains the keyword(s). This way, when your visitor sees the title and description, instantly they will recognize what your blog is about based on these keywords.

Optimize your permalinks  – A permalink is an URL that leads to your blog posts and pages. This can be easily set by going to the blog’s settings page and set the structure of your permalink to a custom structure. This tells your permalinks to use the blog title in the URL.

Insightful content – You don’t have to only focus on providing content that is search engine friendly. It is of more important that you provide valuable and informative content that will make your visitors coming back. This will quickly establish your position as a thought leader.

Be Active And Committed

For the lead generation to work from a blog, you need to remain dedicated to keeping it fresh. This includes keeping it updated regularly with great contents, leveraging keywords and regularly adjusting to meet your buyer’s changing needs.

Link To Other Internal Sources Often

Including links to other internal materials will raise the time spent on your blog. The more time a prospect spends on your blog, the more content they are engaged with, and the more likely they convert into a lead.

Include CTAs

Include clear CALL-TO-ACTIONS (CTA) in your blog posts

Including CTAs in your post is simply a way to compel your audience to take action. CTAs are needed for landing pages and in adverts. However, to my surprise, they are a lot less used in blog posts.

If you are writing a blog post, such as this, try to include a CTA link within the text to a relevant whitepaper or e-book.

Offer Your Readers Perks

If you own any digital products, a great way to generate more leads is to offer your blog readers a chance to purchase products at a discounted rate. You can give away discounts to those that subscribe to your email newsletter, and also take a step further to offer to send hot deals through your newsletter so that they do not miss any new deals.

You can give away discounts to those that subscribe to your email newsletter, and also take a step further to offer to send hot deals through your newsletter so that they do not miss any new deals.

Nurture Your Leads

It is important you note that no lead will magically convert into a paying customer. Leads are as good as your nurturing endeavors.

Place your leads into a relationship building process so that once they fill a form on your squeeze page they don’t forget about you, and offer them valuable content that suits their interest. Be sure to send regular follow-up emails to your list with useful information about your business,

Be sure to send regular follow-up emails to your list with useful information about your business, products, and services.

As you nurture your leads, learn as much as you can about them, and then personalize all future emails accordingly.

Maintain The Same Style And Format

To effectively optimize your blog for lead generation and also increase sales, you need to ensure your blog appears similar to your website.

This proves that your company is efficient and makes it exceptionally simple for clients to click through to your major site.

If you need help with the design of your blog, we can assist you with either the right training to build it yourself or we can even build it for you.

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Ensure Your Blog Has A Great Design

An awesome design is yet another important part of generating leads to your website. People these days show special interest for anything catchy.

Therefore, your blog should be designed with great colors, font, templates, video, backgrounds, text, images, headlines, and more.

You can employ the service of a professional web designer to get an appealing and stunning blog. And if you utilize a blog service, you can find a great template for it. All leading blog providers like WordPress has a vast template collections.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Whether or not to have landing pages is a vital decision.

Your landing pages must include a concise summary of the offer your visitors will get once they sign up.

The page should be optimized to guarantee good performance and the precise information you collect here depends on your approach Note: Collecting too much information could be a deterrent to potential leads.

Optimize Your Post For Social Sharing

Social media these days have a huge blow on the internet. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are exceptional places to generate leads.

When you post a message on your Facebook page, you will most likely generate leads to your website as people follow the post link. Social media sharing is the cheapest and nicest way to generate leads to your sites.

Use different content formats. Five (5) different types of content are available for you to use to generate leads: Educational and informational, webinars, eBooks, media guest posts and interviews.

Generate More Back Links To Boost Traffic

For better lead generation, you may try search engine techniques like back linking. This way, you put a lot of content in several different platforms like forums, social media sites and blogs, and place links to your original website.

This is a very popular trick in boosting website traffic. For this, you can design some blogs and update them regularly with new contents and backlinks to your websites.

Keep It Simple.

Simplicity is key! Be sure to make your blog posts are hard-hitting and focused on one concept. Blog posts can be videos, images, graphics or even PowerPoint presentations.

Design the blog posts in a way that your visitors won’t have to spend lots of time reading and understanding them.


A blog offers you a genuine opportunity to generate leads by linking with your potential customers immediately and attracting them on a regular basis.

If you can implement the steps mentioned above, I’m sure they will assist to optimize your blog for online lead generation.

I hope this blog post has shed some light on a subject which we’ve been focusing on recently…

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To YOUR Success,

Craig Dawber

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