Hey! Craig Dawber here In today’s post I’m going to review and talk about Instabuilder 2.0 and hopefully show you the power of using Instabuilder and how it can help you and your business move forward much faster.

In order to gain good results in your online marketing business, it is important that you start to think about developing your personal sales pages, lead capture (squeeze) pages, or landing pages. However, starting to build any of these pages from the scratch is not quite easy.

How would you feel to have the ability to make these pages quickly and easily in just few hours?

This is exactly what you can achieve with InstaBuilder 2.0.

Before these page builders we’re designed Internet marketers usually created their pages and sales funnels the painstaking way.

They spent days to create a simple website or social media sharing, spent a small fortune on external software such as exit , redirect popup , countdown timer , and split testing to name a few. However, InstaBuilder 2 .0 is created as a platform to embrace all of these features.

What exactly is InstaBuilder 2.0?

InstaBuilder 2.0 is an advanced WordPress plug-in that facilitates users to develop professional, highly-converting, landing pages in one click, whether or not they have technical skills. InstaBuilder 2.0 is a user-friendly drag-and-drop plug-in that helps to build all manner of landing pages, and also manages to keep everything quite simple.

How does InstaBuilder 2 .0 work?

To be able to begin with InstaBuilder 2.0, you would need to install it first. Thereafter, you simply need to drag any features of your choice to the designing area. Then work with the mouse to modify the size, colors, as well as the fonts.

What are the Features of InstaBuider 2.0?

A lot of things are packed into this all-in-one WordPress plug-in. Apart from its landing page builder , InstaBuilder offers more than 100 templates as well as some cool list-building features which include:

  • Content locker
  • 2-step opt-ins technology
  • integrated image editor
  • 3-step opt-in technology
  • lots of graphic templates
  • countdown timers
  • viral download lock
  • split testing and advanced analytics
  • notification bar
  • questions opt-in
  • social sharing options
  • welcome gate
  • flexibility drag-and-drop visual editor
  • exit redirect pop-up
  • Integrations with lots of other marketing tools
  • It has a support hub, user-friendly layout, and is compatible with other WP extras.

Watch the demo video below:

Benefits of using InstaBuilder 2.0

Easy to use: Although it may be normal for a beginner to find it difficult to adapt to graphic designing or the themes, but when using InstaBuilder 2.0, there is not any special guidance needed as it has been made quite simple just like reading A B C.

InstaBuilder 2 .0 is nothing like you are working with a regular plug-in. All you need do is to basically open the drop menu, select fonts, styles & other features you desire to see. Without a doubt, there will not be any need to type in any code or even modify a single line.

Effective and high conversion: Pages most especially, sales and opt-in pages created with InstaBuilder have a high conversion rate compared to other page builders available.

All-in-one plug-in: If you are using different plug-ins, each one comes with a different set of roles. You will have to deal with sales pages generators, banner graphic generators, opt-in generators, and other features, which will make it challenging for you to effectively manage your web page. In such situations, InstaBuilder is a great replacement. It is simple to manage, easy to use and above all, it contains features of different exceptional plug-ins packed in a single plug-in.

Professional and responsive: InstaBuilder 2 .0 was developed using HTML5, which has made it quite responsive. Every of its elements are fully optimized automatically to be responsive for even the mobile devices. InstaBuilder does not depend on themes to function. As soon as it is activated, it will provide the user with several awesome features leaving behind the entire non-responsive themes. The design of the template and other elements is undoubtedly stylish, captivating and professional.

Who is InstaBuilder 2.0 for?

InstaBuilder 2 .0 will attract any future thinking internet marketer. Irrespective of the level of skill, the advantages of having great landing page software are evident. Having said that , InstaBuilder 2 .0 is for but not limited to list builders , online marketers , Affiliate marketers , product owners and offline consultants to mention but few.

What you can do with InstaBuilder 2.0?

With InstaBuilder 2.0, you can virtually build virtually any kind of web page you need in an instant. Pages you can create with InstaBuilder include but not limited to: Squeeze Pages (Opt-in Pages), Sales Pages, Video Sales Pages, Prelaunch and Launch Pages, Webinar Registration, Webinar Sales Pages, Download Pages, Legal Pages, Bonus Pages, Review Pages and Membership Pages. All these pages can be built in just a few clicks. No programming or coding is involved. As long as you know how to point and click the mouse, you can also begin to create professional, first-rate marketing pages in a finger snap.

Why do I need to purchase InstaBuilder?

  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Responsive and high-converting marketing pages
  • Great plug-in for building marketing pages using WordPress
  • Integrated art graphics and professionally designed templates
  • Super fast (faster than virtually all other web page builders)
  • Creates landing pages from scratch . No graphics or technical experience is required

Does InstaBuilder 2 .0 have any shortcomings?

InstaBuilder 2 .0 lacks pre-styled headlines or headline shortcodes. However, in return, it provides users with drop-down menus to select diverse fonts and font sizes. InstaBuilder does not offer catastrophic omissions.

Nevertheless, users can get what they want by simply utilizing some little tricks to get the styling and formatting of any page right.

InstaBuilder 2 .0 Pricing

All licenses provide you with a full access for a one-time payment. No monthly fee. Pay once and you are a member, and you get updates for life.

Please note that InstaBuilder virtually has all the features you would have gotten from several different plug-ins. In addition, not only will using lots of such plug-ins cost you more money, but will also waste your precious time in the process of plug-in configuration.

Like everything in life, there is nothing perfect. Apart from the minor issues mentioned above, I still consider InstaBuilder to be well worth the money.

Where to purchase InstaBuilder 2 .0

The most reliable place to buy InstaBuilder 2 .0 is its official sales page. Get access to it and click buy now

My Thoughts On InstaBuilder 2.0

InstaBuilder 2 .0 is among the best marketing page builders I have come across in the market. The customer support is great and the developers actually try to make the software better over time. It is affordable, user-friendly and totally flexible. In general, InstaBuilder 2 .0 makes a very good impression and it is fun to use.

Buy InstaBuilder 2 .0 now from their official page


Have you tried InstaBuilder 2.0? Let us know what you think of it with your comments.


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