Hey there! Craig Dawber here, and I hope you’re ready to get your feet wet with, “Instagram fails” and what you can do to avoid them.

Whether you are new to marketing on Instagram or have been on Instagram for long, there are several things, usually called Instagram fails that you need to be cautious of if you want to be successful marketing on the Instagram platform.

Outlined below are top 7 Instagram fails and how to avoid them.

1. Instagram Fail: Hashtag Overload

How often do you place hashtag on your posts? Having a hashtag overload can make your post look desperate, sloppy and spammy. However, that does not imply you should not avail all the 30 hashtags that Instagram allows per post.

Solution: Use just a few hashtags to emphasize some of your captions. Your hashtags need to be relevant not only to your company but also to the pictures itself and should be able to strike an interest with other Instagrammers. Likewise, you need to check out the hashtags used by other followers. The hashtag with the most users is expected to get more attentions.

2. Instagram Fail: Neglecting Your Followers

Another mistake brands make is the attitude they show towards their Instagram feeds. Never take your followers as passive consumers of your business, but rather as active followers that should be engaged.

The number of pictures you post is irrelevant if no one is following your account or liking your post. It simply shows you are not making use of the amazing Instagram world.

Solution: Reaching out to your followers is an amazing way to develop goodwill towards your brand. Engage directly with your followers, and post “like worthy” photos.

Regularly respond to comments, check your posts, and follow back engaged clients. This may not be on daily basis, but at least 2 or 3 times per week will perform the magic.

3. Instagram Fail: Focusing Too Much On Advertising Products

Many companies are guilty of this. Sharing too many photos of your products or services in your feed implies you are not presenting a lively and interactive brand. If your followers desire to see your product catalog, they would rather go to your site.

Solution: Focus on building loyalty instead of blasting your followers with promotions. Use Instagram to develop an engaging and authentic brand that involves your audience more directly. At times it can be great to show what your brand is offering, but ensure these kinds of posts are minimal.

Offer contents that are entertaining, motivational, educational or funny. You can also utilize buyer/customer personas to understand the reason why you are followed on Instagram.

Do they just like your brand, or is it that they are in search for product inspiration? Buyer/customer personas can help you determine who to target your promotions to as well as who to follow and engage with on Instagram.

4. Instagram Fail: Are your posts business or personal?

Except you have a good company story to back it up, consider how your followers might feel when you post photos of kids or other personal things on your business Instagram page. At this point, restraint should be your friend with regards to sharing. Also, consider how your new followers would receive the message.

Furthermore, consider your previous posts, say 10 previous Instagram posts. Who are the pictures about? If it is all about you or your products, I’m sorry but I just have to say it, you are massively experiencing InstagramFail.

Focusing too much on yourself can swiftly leave a bad impression on your followers, pushing potential clients away from you.

5. Instagram Fail: Infrequent Posting or not posting enough

Striking a balance between posting regularly and over-posting can be difficult. Fine, your aim is to engage with your followers and remain on their mind, but should not appear overwhelming or spammy. Neither would you want to post the same uninteresting photos every day, nor put up random posts that do not suit your photos. Users like to see variety and can unfollow if there is nothing new.

Solution: Attaining great performance on Instagram is all about striking a balance. Do not be afraid to test run to determine what works for you. To find the right balance, give yourself an overview of your scheduled content by categorizing what you will be posting on a daily basis. This helps in keeping product placements spread out. Likewise, do not go silent on your followers; they want to hear from you. If you disappear for a while, don’t be surprised if your followers do the same. Posting new pictures also creates a new chance to add hashtags, which may lead to prospects finding your content.

6. Instagram Fail: Poor or low-quality photos

The first impression is extremely important in growing your Instagram followers. So also is the quality of your pictures, particularly with the sophisticated Smartphone cameras that we have these days. Desist from blaming your phone’s camera for those disgusting looking photos.

If you cannot get a better quality image, it is better not to share anything photos on your feed. Instagram is all about video and photos, therefore posting substandard pictures will instantly lower the number of your followers.

Solution: It is not compulsory you get an expensive camera for that photo shoot. You can get a Smartphone with high pixels or employ the service of a professional photographer. Remember this is business, so everything must be of engaging and of quality.

7. Instagram Fail: Not Storytelling

What makes Instagram became more popular is because it supports storytelling, better than other social networks. You have access to a developing, universal community, with immense visual tools and freedom of expression.

Let your followers know the stuff you are made of. Tell a reasonably precise story or possibly a true story about your company.

Incorporate some sales stories, but concentrate more on what makes your business unique, like, company events, lessons, and processes. For instance, show a little bit of how the sausage is being made for people to know what your business/brand is all about. Put together a bunch of posts and you have a story.


Now is the best time to fully utilize Instagram to your advantage. Peradventure you know of any other Instagram fails that you think should make this list, we would like to hear from you.

Do you know of any other Instagram marketing failures that you think should be on this list?

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