Hey! Craig Dawber here and welcome to this blog post… Today, I’m going to talk about my 7 favourite types of blog posts. There are several unique styles of blog posting that are perfect for capturing readers’ attention.

Generally, a blog post can reflect the kind of impression you give and also get from readers. As there are several things that you can write about in a post to your readers, writing a blog post can at times get boring. No matter how much you care for your blog, there will always be a time when you basically get writer’s block and find it tricky to write a meaningful post.

However, post something that might estrange some of your loyal and potential readers, consider my 7 favourite blog post types listed below:

1) Instructional posts

Also referred to as How-to post; an instructional post is the most popular type of blog posts that people are passionate about these days.

As people habitually turn up to the internet and search engines when they aspire to learn a few things, Instructional posts, as the name suggests, provide them with instructions on an actionable item or a given task.

These instructions can be in form of step-by-step how-to articles, or general information articles that offer background for a conceptual subject, such like advertising. Teaching people a few skills earn you 2 advantages: popularity and the even more significant one, the authority.

Although it might be a little trickier to put together, instructional posts are superb for the reason that they can be the real thing for your audience. If you can find a quick fix or short and simple solution to your readers’ problems, then you’ve hit the nail on the head.

For instance, tell them how they can fix their sink, dishwashers etc without hiring and paying professionals. You can also tell them how they can start making money online or how to save for their retirement. These types of information never go out of style and are highly valuable to the reader.

2) List Post

Without any doubt, list post is great and is my favourite. As you might have noticed, this post is an example of a list post.

List posts streamline information into a numbered list that is easy for your readers to read, share and put into action. All you need to do is write blog posts that contain tips that your readers can actually use.

For instance, you can provide them with tips on how they can improve their lives or how they can attain their goals. This type of blog post is brief, super informative and awesome when it comes to attracting reader’s interest. List posts symbolize a convenient framework to pull ideas from whenever you basically get writer’s block.

How to write a list post

  • Find your idea
  • Put down as many points as you can
  • Cut down your list to the most vital of all points
  • Write an engaging subject with number (odd numbers generally perform the best)
  • Make it stand out from other related posts
  • Add images
  • Add bonuses (if any)

Note: when doing all this, remember not to dilute its quality.

3) Rant/Controversial Posts

As the name implies, rant or controversial posts give you the opportunity to rage about something that happened and you are unhappy about.

This type of post works well as it introduces controversy to your blog. And after reading the post, your readers will either agree or disagree with you immediately. Whichever way, these responses often will result in comments, which is what you are looking for.

If you would like to receive a quick response from your audience, take a controversial stand on a topic they are obsessive about. However, you need to be prepared for some angry comments from readers. If you do not have an excellent therapist or a thick skin to absorb all the comments, rant post may not be for you.

4) Review Post

There are two (2) forms of review posts: A single product review or a compare-and-contrast of several related products.

Review posts, in particular, are useful to readers, as quite a number of them resort to blogs when they want to get information that can help them make an informed decision buying process.

In addition, review posting is a great way to monetize your blog if you are an affiliate marketer. All you need to do is to include your affiliate link to your review posts and earn commissions from each sale you generate. If there is a product or service that you love, why not tell the world about it?

The key to putting together a realistic review post is not just to go over the highlights and significant benefits of the product, but also to talk about those things concerning the product/service that could be improved. This makes your review unbiased and also gives your reader a more objective view. In addition, your candid sincerity will be valued and the readers will be most probable to trust your recommendation.

5) Video Post

Video posts are increasingly becoming more popular due to high demand for visual content.

If you are creating videos and posting them to YouTube, that is awesome! Video post has a higher propensity to be shared, giving your brand more visibility and in most cases, more inbound links, which enhances SEO.

You can post a short 5-minute video every month or give a quick video tutorial to your readers. You can also add the video’s transcript to create a helpful post. With that, you will be having more views for your video and increasing the time visitors spend on your blog.

Building an audience is all about connecting with people, and you can achieve that through video posts. You need not be afraid, let your personality shine through.

6) Personal Posts

Virtually everyone loves to read personal stories, but you need to be cautious as people can get bored hearing irrelevant things over and over again.

If you can make a personal spotlight post (related to your niche) that engages your readers emotionally, you will instantly win some reader’s interest.

For instance, did you buy a new product, attend a seminar, or have a mishap that could be made an example of?

You could also put a spotlight on one of your employees or one of your clients. Without getting too personal or excessively detailed, writing a blog post on your personal achievements or business activities almost always draws interest and feedback.

7) Guest Post

When you have a blog or website, obviously using guest posting services is a great way to promote your business and websites. Once you are getting traffic, it is time to reciprocate.

You can invite other bloggers who are successful, to post on your blog and this attracts more readers to read your post. In addition, it boosts your awareness among other interested readers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog post, remember to like, share and comment!

To YOUR Success,

Craig Dawber

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