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With competition all over the place, businesses will always want to utilize any effective marketing opportunity that comes their way. One of the several marketing tools to consider is Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to promote your business and is gradually increasing in popularity being a social media platform that concentrates on visual contents.

This is why you should consider the 13 top Instagram marketing tools outlined below.

Not only do these marketing tools present a competence image, but will also provide your business with useful analytic insight.

13 Instagram Marketing Tools To Consider:

1. Hyper Lapse

This is a great app from Instagram for shooting time lapse videos. Apart from smoothing out your video for cinematic quality with automatic stabilization, Hyper Lapse also speeds up your video to about 12 times of its speed. You can seamlessly share your videos on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Scheduling Tools:

These tools can be used to set up and schedule your posts, their descriptions, and headings. With the apps, you can plan to upload pictures on Instagram via desktop, unlike Instagram app where you can only upload pictures through mobile. This removes the additional work of downloading pictures on phone to post on Instagram.

3. Piktoria

Piktoria is a collection of great management tools for Instagram. It helps you to find hashtags, brands, and locations to discover trending contents. It is one of the best Instagram marketing tools you definitely need to have in your arsenal.

4. Quick

Quick lets you add text to photos fast – an activity that virtually all Instagram marketers usually engage in.

This app is meant for those who do not care about having lots of features, but just the ability to complete their tasks quickly. Available for both Android and iOS, this app takes the advantage of the new iOS 8 Photo editing extensions.

5. SnapWidget

It displays videos and pictures on sites through the use of feeds from either Twitter or Instagram. You can filter by hashtag and username, and SnapWidget will automatically pull the pictures from your account.

The paid version of SnapWidget offers additional functions like linking to the original picture page, analytics and the ability to include your own CSS. This is very beneficial if you need to customize the widget to blend in with your website’s theme.

6. Video Show

Video show is a movie maker and video editor app. It allows you to edit videos of any length, add a voice audio/recording in the video. You can also draw pictures on videos.

Apart from featuring functional tools such as cropping, video trimming, compressing, resizing, reversing, MP3 converting etc, video show also features video playback and video reverse happiness to make a funny and inspired original video

7. ScheduGram

ScheduGram app is useful for both scheduling and management since it allows you to upload several images at a go, either to post them instantly or set them for a future date.

As mobile uploading may be time-consuming, businesses may enjoy ScheduGram’s web uploading feature while also offering you the option to forward an email notification when the posts are ready to be sent.

8. Just Metrics

Just Metrics offers powerful Instagram analytics and insights to help businesses gain a better understanding of how to improve their Instagram presence.

It offers you the ability to filter your data by tagged users, hashtag, post and post types among others.

9. Wishpond

Wishpond is a comprehensive marketing tool that enables you to perform several things, including running an Instagram Hashtag contest. It is an easy and organized way to run a hashtag contest/competition and gather all the Instagram pictures that were attached to an exact hashtag.

Wishpond offers real-time analytics to monitor the performance of your contest as it happens. It also has the feature of filtering the people who have followed your brand, should you set it as a requirement for your contest. Not only does this enhance your productivity, but will also improve the efficiency of your Instagram contests.

10. Iconosquare Analytics

If truly you want to use Instagram as a marketing tactic for your business, then Iconosquare can offer you deep analytics of your Instagram account. It is an Instagram Management and Analytics platform that offers advanced analytics of your Instagram posts to help you make intelligent decisions.

Apart from offering you a very detailed analytics about your followers, Iconosquare Analytics enables you to track any Hashtag performance, analyzes and Optimize your audience engagement, tracks your competitor’s performance and then offer you deep insights.

It also measures your follower’s growth, location, unfollows, and daily follower gain/loss among many others. If you are trapped trying to get the perfect hashtags for your post, or when searching for users so that your posts can reach more people, Iconosquare has you covered.

11. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is another useful and popular Instagram marketing tool that can be used to manage your followers and to give stats about prospective followers who might be interested in what you offer.

It helps to detect people who do not follow you back or who are not active and offers you the option to unfollow them. This ensures you are only connected with the most relevant audience.

Crowdfire also enables you to quickly start following users who might be interested in your product or services. It helps to discover the ideal time you can post on Instagram, plus the right hashtags to enhance the performance of your posts. You can even use the tool to monitor the effects of your updates on the users.

Crowdfire is among the best Instagram marketing tools if you are looking to grow the number of your Instagram followers.

12. Pixlr

Pixlr is extremely simple, fast and has enough functions to keep you busy. It is an amazing mobile–and-web photo editing tool, particularly for marketers and photographers who need to quickly make or retouch something.

Although the web version of Pixlr provides you with more functions, the mobile app is also quite robust. In fact, it has countless combinations of overlays, free effects, and filters, giving room for additional personalized images.

13. Statigr.am

This is an internet-based management tool for Instagram. Apart from providing you with detailed analytics of your Instagram account, it also equips you with a better and faster way to interact with lots of content shared on Instagram simultaneously.

Of course, you can utilize the Instagram web browser, but Statigr.am is loaded with more useful features. It allows you to view your feed plus the people you are connected to in different ways. It makes it straightforward to navigate through videos/images and like, share, comment or repost them. You can even add or remove new followers.

Bonus tip

Over: This app lets you add artwork and text to pictures. It features standard and customized fonts, beautiful fonts, well-crafted and eye-catching artwork from several artists for you to add to your pictures. Once done, it allows you to share the work directly via text message, email, Facebook and Instagram among others.

In conclusion, there are different ways through which businesses can leverage using Instagram. Regardless of the method you choose, keep in mind that it only needs to be a complementary extension of an established digital marketing technique.

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