Hey! Craig Dawber here, today we’re going to dive “head first” and reveal these Instagram marketing tips that will help grow your brand on Instagram.

Instagram has really made it easier for people to take pictures and share them with their loved ones. This is one of the several reasons why millions of people across the globe are now making use of it.

In addition to using it for networking, Instagram can as well be used for marketing purposes. It is a great marketing tool that can improve your brand awareness, increase sales, and consequently, your return on the investment.

Consider the following top 13 Instagram marketing tips for your business to achieve success.

1. Be very active on Instagram

Be sure to post something relevant at least once daily to remain in the memory of your followers and also to ensure they are updated with the current happenings about your business.

You can even experiment with posting at different times of the day to know the particular time your posts perform best.

2. Consistency

Consistency is extremely important in Instagram marketing. Be reliable in your posts and also create a theme that is pertinent in your posts. In addition, let your followers know what to look forward to from you.

3. Be friendly to all

Whilst doing your Instagram marketing, keep in mind that Instagram is a large community that comprises of people with diverse emotions, ideas, and background. Therefore, learn to be friendly to all your followers and also appreciate them for connecting with you on your page.

Make sure you listen to all your clients. You don’t know who among them will turn into a repeat customer.

4. Tell the story with videos and photos

Photos, they say, worth a million words and Instagram is all about photos. If you are using Instagram for business marketing, then you really need to know that random pictures will not work.

Rather, post photos of your product consistently. This is one of the best ways to increase your business’s brand awareness and also enhance your product sales.

It is not necessary for the photos to be professional; the most important thing is for the photos to highlight the essential functions and features of the product or service you are promoting – the photos should be able to attract several people on Instagram.

Just like photos, videos are also very important in marketing. They stand higher possibilities of going more viral as people continue to share them.

You can make a video and share it with your workers to promote your products and services.

You can as well choose to do a live product or service review and share it on Instagram. Videos and pictures are more engaging to people than texts. They also last in people’s memory. Make videos and photos that showcase your brand’s story and values. Thus, photos and videos are extremely important if you want to enhance your brand’s awareness and sales.

5. Use top-quality media

To improve your brand’s visibility, it is important you create and share top-quality videos and photos in your feeds. Where needed, you can seek a professional’s assistance or get advice from an expert photographer. Nonetheless, you can utilize a great camera to take quality photos.

Make sure you get your images from the best angles and if necessary, edit the pictures for optimum results. Mobile phones these days are built with photo editing tools. And you can as well download a photo editing app from a third party for this purpose.

There are several photo editing tools on Instagram that you can apply for your Instagram marketing purposes.

6. Have The Right Audience

Does your target audience, fall into the demographics of people that use Instagram? This is yet another question that can save you the pain of talking to a wall online.

It is vital that your clients, both the existing and potential ones are people who are using your product or services. If they are not, do yourself a favor by allocating your resources and time to where you can locate them online.

7. Make use of Hashtags

Hashtags are very important in Instagram marketing.

You need to use them since it is the interactive tool among Instagram users and they use it to search for posts.

Hashtags make it possible for your contents to be searchable, and it is important if you want to increase your follower base.

Similar to media, Hashtags can produce a viral effect that is advantageous to your business.

You can as well avail the trending hashtags, particularly should the hashtags be related to what you offer.

8. Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook accounts

Connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts together will enhance your marketing power.

Now it is possible for you to have an Instagram tab on your Facebook page. With this, you can share your Instagram posts with your Facebook followers provided you have a fan page.

9. Use customized Hashtag

You can incorporate your business name into your hashtags. Use distinct hashtags for an exact marketing campaign you run.

This will not only promote your campaign but will also provide a unique Hashtag for your clients to connect and share with other participants.

10. Connect with your followers

Having a smooth relationship with your customer is very essential, most especially for small businesses.

Let your clients know that you are concerned about their feedback. This can easily be achieved by giving replies to their comments and questions.

Not only will doing this enhance user-generated content and reliability, but it will also enhance your brand’s awareness. Your Instagram followers can considerably influence the success of your enterprise, which is why you must never underestimate them.

11. Make it personal

Think more about the experience your company’s products or services create for your clients.

Take photos of places you go, things you make, new products, people you meet, happy customers, the uses and benefits of your product or service, community outreach, among many others.

Let your hashtags be related to your company as well as those that are trending or popular at the time for utmost exposure. If your followers enjoy seeing those things you have got to offer, they will certainly share it.

12. Plan the layout of your gallery

Save yourself from worrying about what you want to post on the day itself. It pays to plan your posts with your entire social media strategy in mind.

13. Do not over post

Although it is self-explanatory, for the newbie on the platform, it is important you know that over posting is a big violation to the platform. This is not Facebook where photos will be grouped together in a small album.

When your photo feeds is clustered, then the posts will be boring and your followers will begin to lose interest to visit your page. Unless you take caution, the next time your followers visit your page, do not be surprised that they are there to unsubscribe for life.

When your photo feeds is clustered, then the posts will be boring and your followers will begin to lose interest to visit your page. Unless you take caution, the next time your followers visit your page, do not be surprised that they are there to unsubscribe for life.

Do you know of any other Instagram marketing tips that you think should be on this list? Comment below and we will consider including them.

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Craig Dawber

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